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Tickling Toes

Willowwood Turf is a family owned and operated business started in 1978. Warren and Betty started with 20 acres, a walk behind harvester, and the hope that Instant Lawn would be the wave of the future. The first crop was planted with a grain drill, and the dream of one man wanting to produce an income for his family, while teaching his boys the value of hard work. Through the years, that vision had helped the Harris family in covering a lot of ground (literally), throughout Utah and the surrounding states.

Willowwood Turf

Now in its’ 3rd generation of family management, Willowwood Turf has merged with All American Sod, and has expanded to include 3 farm locations in Richfield, Vineyard, and Hurricane, Utah. Computer operated, self-propelled harvesters, with state of the art cutting heads, produce beautifully precise results. In addition, owning and operating their own trucking and sod installation companies, allows them to provide excellent customer service from start to finish.


They have developed a diversified line of drought-tolerant turf grass blends, a variety of landscaping products and services (including delivery and installation of turf), and professional grade hydroseeding. The success of Willowwood Turf and All-American Sod can be traced to hard work, knowledge, attitude, and customer care. We look forward to continuing our pro-active approach to farming and business for generations to come.







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