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Proper and complete soil preparation will ensure that you have a beautiful and healthy lawn for many years to come. Follow these steps to help your lawn and landscape to be spectacular.

Soil is a mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and countless organisms that together support life on Earth.

Structure refers to the arrangement of oxygen, water, and aggregates. An aggregate possesses solids and pore space. Aggregates are separated by planes of weakness and are dominated by clay particles. Silt and fine sand particles may also be part of an aggregate. A mixture of Clay, Silt ,and Sand is usually referred to as Loam. Sandy Loam is generally accepted as the preferred soil mixture for growing a lawn. All American Sod “Southern Utah Super Soil” is known to be the best Sandy Loam soil for turf Grass Sod Production! Sandy Loam soil is approximately 25% clay, 25% silt, and 50% sand. The type of aggregates determines water drainage. The closer you can get your dirt to be a Sandy Loam type the better.

Ground Preparation

Tilling loosens the dirt allowing air pockets and oxygen into the ground. Water and nutrients then have better penetration into the ground.

Remove debris from the dirt to allow for easier grading and a safer work and play area.

Organic matter is very important for holding water and nutrients in the root zone and should be added to your soil. Composted material is a great source of Organic Matter.

"Composted material is a great source of Organic Matter." – Kirk

Installation of a Watering System is vital in this arid region.

Consistent watsoil-levelinger will be the difference between a beautiful landscape and a struggling yard.

Settling will prevent later repair projects. Soil should be fully settled to at least 2″ below surrounding cement edges. Water bare ground multiple times before installing sod to help settle the dirt, fill the soil profile with water, and to check water patterns and head to head sprinkler coverage.

Leveling the seedbed at this time is critical. You will never have another chance to make sure that your grass area is settled properly and is absolutely level.

Turf Grass Sod Installation

Sod, Turf, or Grass Installation is the funnest part of landscaping. This is where a beautiful landscape comes together.

Fertilize your lawn with a Sod starter, weed and feed, or 16-16-16 lawn fertilizer with pre-emergent. Pre-emergent in the fertilizer helps to keep new weeds from germinating as the ground has been disturbed and new weeds seeds have been brought to the surface.

Water the new lawn with 1″ of water. This will help to water in the fertilizer and to refill the soil profile with water. Keep the sod moist with frequent watering for at least two weeks while a new rooting system s established for your sod.

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